Boat & Truck Spray Painting for Sydney

Technicians doing boat and truck painting near SydneyOur spray painters have many years of experience in painting heavy vehicles. They are led by a team leader with over 30 years of experience in heavy vehicles. Their experience and eye for detail has earned us a reputation which has caught the attention of many major fleet operators who have utilised our services for many years.


Once the vehicle has been repaired by the panel beaters the spray painters take over and prepare the vehicle for painting. The colour is matched with computerised paint-matching technology to ensure a perfect match and the paint code is recorded. The paint is mixed in our automated colour tinting equipment and then the spray painters apply the paint to the vehicle with spray guns, inside our spray bake oven. The paint spray and fumes are contained within the oven facility so that our environment is protected.


Specialised  Equipment

  • 18 metre drive-through spray bake oven (can accommodate 2 vehicles)
  • 6 metre spray bake oven
  • Infra-red drying lamps
  • Computerised colour-matching technology
  • Dupont paint products